Leadership Coaching

“Power, authority and influence are in scarce supply for even the most charismatic CEOs, and continuing to devolve.”

Kashbox Coaching was founded by David Herdlinger. It is not only a company name, but also a coaching methodology which combines training and development with the effectiveness of executive coaching.

Kashbox Coaching provides leadership coaching for individuals and organizations worldwide.

A leadership coaching program is no longer reserved for problem leaders. Today’s CEOs recognize the importance of enabling leaders to achieve critical business objectives in the shortest possible time, so they are hiring coaches to accelerate the development of their top performers who have management and growth potential.

Hewitt Associates has conducted some interesting research that documents the positive, long-term relationship between investment in leadership development and continuing financial success. Its research demonstrates that companies that invest in emerging leaders tend to enjoy greater long-term profits.

Forty-seven percent of companies rated for strong leadership regularly assign coaches to their executives. They know leadership coaching provides a powerful way to boost performance and strengthen leadership. Regular use of leadership coaching separates top companies from the mediocre ones.

Good enough just does not work any longer in today’s business world. We can help you excel way past average! Kashbox Coaching, led by David Herdlinger, can help you and your organization become more focused, motivated, innovative and successful. To get more out of today – and your tomorrow – contact Kashbox Coaching today.