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If you’re less successful and profitable than you could and should be, the answer is YES! In today’s highly competitive business environment, excellence is not just an option


“Trust is inspiring and energy producing.”

Dennis & Michelle Reina

David Herdlinger and Joan Walsh, co-founders of Kashbox Coaching. Our corporate coaching program can provide more focus, a sense of purpose, better results in leadership roles, more effective strategic planning, and a greater degree of commitment and personal responsibility

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Through the coaches’ unique blend of group and individual sessions, participants achieve more focus, a sense of purpose, and better results in their leadership roles.

Organizations that have engaged the Kashbox Coaching corporate coaching program report more consistent attainment of business and personal goals, more effective strategic planning (professional and personal), and a greater degree of commitment and personal responsibility among the members of their leadership teams.

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Books by David Herdlinger and Joan Walsh of Kashbox Coaching: Blazing Your Own Trail - A Guide for Women on the Way Up; Ready, Set, Plan, Go - Strategies to Accelerate Your Success; Coach: 10.5 Reasons to Hire OneOur books give valuable insights into management and advice on how to manage your organization as only a coach would advise. It’s a perfect size for the busy executive on the go. Learn More

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