Kashbox Coaches

Through the coaches’ unique blend of group and individual sessions, participants achieve more focus, a sense of purpose, and better results in their leadership roles.

Organizations that have engaged the Kashbox Coaching corporate coaching program report more consistent attainment of business and personal goals, more effective strategic planning (professional and personal), and a greater degree of commitment and personal responsibility among the members of their leadership teams.

Creator, Founder, & Coach

David Herdlinger

David has been providing personal coaching, corporate coaching and organizational development services to individuals and organizations worldwide for more than two decades.

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Nannette DiMascio

Nannette DiMascio is a dedicated transformation coach with a passion for contributing to the field of business coaching. With over seven years of experience, she has played a pivotal role in boosting productivity, minimizing stress-induced errors, and helping clients turn latent possibilities into reality.

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Paul Trumbull

Paul has worked in healthcare leadership for 25 years. He is driven by positivity and a strong desire to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

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Hannah Kay Herdlinger

Hannah Kay Herdlinger has been a certified coach for over twelve years. She has been living her passion throughout her life — connecting with and helping others.

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Christine Harness Glover

Christine has a passion for people and has developed a deep appreciation for personal and professional growth. She is honored to be a coach and enjoys being of service to others.

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