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What is “COACHING”?

Coaching….the dictionary defines it as “private instruction.” Yes, having a coach is much like having a private instructor, but it really means much more….we believe coaching is also a talent and a gift.

Good coaches have a knack for helping people become more of their authentic selves. They have a way of encouraging people to dig deep and realize more of their full potential than even they, themselves, thought possible. Through the power of coaching, you can experience greater success and fulfillment than you ever dreamed possible.

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Individual Coaching

Have you ever been transformed by conversations you’ve had with others? If so, you’ve already had a taste of the value of coaching

Your New Coaching Relationship

Familiar and natural to you

But don’t let that mislead you. Your relationship with your coach will be different from every other relationship you have ever had. And it will be more powerful than just about any other relationship you will ever form.

  • Your spouse, if you have one, is extremely important to you. But marriage isn’t the best context for dealing with many issues, especially those related to work.

  • No doubt your friends offer wise counsel at times, but their availability is limited and they have concerns of their own.

  • Work associates sometimes can be helpful, but their interests and priorities may not always coincide with yours. And your boss isn’t the right person to consult about many personal concerns.

  • On the other hand, your coach is totally and unconditionally dedicated to accelerating your success and your sense of well-being.

  • He or she has no agenda except to assist you in becoming the best you can be.

  • You will enjoy the privilege and the benefit of having someone in your corner who is focused entirely on serving you and advancing your interests.

Your relationship with your KASHBOX Coach will be different from every other relationship you have ever had.

Kashbox Coaching


Sometimes people confuse coaches with consultants. But the role of your coach is not to offer advice, provide answers, or suggest short-cuts. It is to help you develop the potential that already lies within you, so that you can increase your capability to surmount your own challenges and set and achieve your own goals.

Kashbox Coaching

A coach’s role is not to lead

A coach should not be confused with a consultant or Mentor

The role of your coach is not to offer advice, provide answers, or suggest shortcuts. It is to help you develop the potential that already lies within you so that you can increase your capability to surmount your own challenges and set and achieve your own goals.

Some people want their coach to go before them and show them the way. However, your coach’s role is not to lead you but to help you discover for yourself where you are today and where you want to be in the future. Once you set your own course, your coach will accompany you on the journey and provide on-going support, guidance, and encouragement.

grayscale photo of horses on grass field

value of the coach

an illustration to clarify the coach's role

If a child asks you how to spell a word…

The Consultant

If you provide the answer, you’re essentially serving as a consultant. You are helping to solve the immediate problem, but you are not helping the child develop skills for meeting similar spelling challenges in the future.

The Coach

If you help the child learn how to spell the word by sounding out the syllables, you are teaching a skill that the child can use with unlimited words in the future. You are essentially serving as a coach, because instead of simply supplying the answer, you’re developing the potential of the child.

In much the same way, your coach will resist giving you answers to your questions and solutions to your problems. That doesn’t mean that he or she doesn’t want to help. Rather, it’s because your coach knows that it is far more profitable for you to learn how to develop your own abilities and skills, so you can meet not only your current challenges, but also your future ones.

What do you think is the best way to teach a child to ride a bicycle?


  • Present a PowerPoint presentation.

  • Informs the child about the dynamics of balance.

  • Informs the child about the mechanics of pedaling.


  • Gets on the bike and shows the child how it’s done.

Both of these approaches have limited merit.

The time-proven method is to serve as a coach by helping, supporting, and preventing falls but allowing the child to learn through trial and error.


Help the child onto the bicycle
Provide support through trial and error
Hold the bike while the child develops balance
Gradually let go as momentum is gained
When the child teeters, you reach out to prevent a fall
As the child gains momentum again, you let go
Over time, trying, failing, and trying again, eventually, they experience the thrill of success

Coaching is a process,
not a quick fix.

The Process

Your coach’s role is to provide support, guidance, and encouragement as you move into uncharted territories, beyond the comfort zone of your past experiences.

The Process

You will have more courage to strive for new goals, develop new skills, and reach for higher levels of success when your coach is accompanying you on your journey.

Your coach will be focused entirely on your success. We define success as the continual achievement of your own predetermined goals, stabilized by balance and purified by belief. With your coach’s support, you will set goals that are in harmony with your values and beliefs, and in alignment with your life’s purpose. And with your coach’s encouragement, you will aspire to levels of accomplishment beyond anything you would have dared to attempt alone.  

Coaching is a process, not a quick fix. As you move ahead with your life—testing and measuring, trying and failing, trying and succeeding—your coach will be in your corner, offering encouragement and support as you discover on your own the solutions to the challenges you face.

Coaching relationships vary considerably in nature. Indeed, one of the advantages of individual coaching is that it can be tailored to your personality and needs.

Kashbox Coaching


Kashbox Coaching

All effective coaching relationships have some common characteristics.

Effective coaching is –

Focused: Your coach will be focused on you and your goals. The spotlight will be on the results that matter to you, not on extraneous “stuff” that is unrelated to success as you define it.

Goal-directed: Coaching is not therapy. Your past will only be relevant when it affects your future goals. Your coach will be committed to helping you get where you want to go, and will not be so concerned with helping you understand where you’ve been.

Revelatory: Amazing potential already resides within you. The purpose of coaching is to reveal and release it, not to attempt to create it. In the safety of the coaching environment, you will tap your deepest desires, identify your innate strengths, and unmask the conscious and unconscious hindrances that previously limited your success. You will then be better able to take the right actions to achieve your life goals.

Empowering: The coaching relationship creates a safe space for you to E X P A N D. In this trusting environment, you will gain new freedom to unlock your creativity, discover possibilities, and initiate movement. Your coach will have no interest in competing with you or being seen as an expert. The goals is not to impress you, but to empower you.

Authentic: Your coach will unselfishly and transparently offer you the benefits of his or her unique style, skills, life experiences, intuitive sense, and innate strengths. Because your coaching sessions will be authentic, they will flow effortlessly and create great value in your life.

Holistic: Coaching will address and impact your whole life. You will achieve greatest satisfaction when your personal life and your professional life are in harmony and balance.

Responsive: The coaching relationship is about listening and responding, not “advising” or “fixing.” Your coach will use “dynamic inquiry” as a powerful tool for helping you look more deeply, unlock your potential, and fulfill your purpose.

Synergistic: Because of the magical energy of co-creation, you and your coach will achieve more significant results together than either of you could achieve alone. Time and again, you will experience the power of this synergistic relationship, in which the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Experiential: When you and your coach immerse yourselves in the coaching experience, creative energy is released and transformation results. The pace may at first seem slow, but results are powerful and lasting, because they are built on a strong foundation.

Transformational: Coaching is not simply about solving your current problems; it’s about transforming the way you solve all your problems. Coaching is not merely about improving your life; it’s about transforming the way you live.


You have the ability to make valuable contributions to others and to the world that no one else can make.


Your coach will help you identify, strengthen, and employ your unique qualities and abilities.

No matter how proficient you are in a certain area, you can always develop a strength so that it becomes even more valuable. One additional degree of growth today can make a big difference in your positive impact tomorrow.

Does one degree really make a difference?

To answer that question, imagine that you’re heating a kettle of water on a stove. At 212° Fahrenheit, the water will boil and produce steam, a source of tremendous of power. But if you drop the temperature back just one degree, you simply have hot water.

One degree is the difference between being a source of power and being in hot water!

The moral of this illustration: Keep strengthening your strengths until they produce maximum power in your life and in the lives of others, and don’t settle for less.

People often mistakenly think they should devote most of their time and energy to shoring up their weaknesses and developing skills they don’t have.

This erroneous notion is engrained in our culture.

For example, if a child brings home a report card from school with an A in math, a C in English, and Bs in all other subjects, scientific surveys show that two-thirds of all parents will tell the child to work harder to pull up that lowest grade.

Maybe the child has the potential to be a math genius, but it will never be realized when the goal is improving averages instead of maximizing strengths.

Potential will never be realized when the goal is improving averages instead of maximizing strengths.

To further illustrate the folly of concentrating on weaknesses instead of strengths, imagine that a manager of a professional baseball team has just drafted a player who’s in the top 95 percent of all homerun hitters in the country.

But when this heavy hitter reports to training camp, the manager notices that he’s in the lowest 10 percent as a bunter. So, he tells him to forget about practicing his homerun hitting and concentrate on his bunting.

One month later, the manager is very pleased with his new player’s progress. He’s tripled his bunting proficiency—up to 30 percent! His homerun production has declined a bit, to 85 percent, but on average he’s a better hitter.

Do you see the foolishness of focusing on weaknesses? That kind of manager won’t develop baseball players, and he won’t win games.

Similarly, if you manage your life by concentrating on your weaknesses, you won’t develop your potential, and you won’t win the rewards you most desire.

Have you ever heard the saying, “You can do anything you want if you just put your mind to it”?

Research indicates that as many as two-thirds of all working adults must believe that statement because they’re slaving away at jobs that don’t suit them and don’t fulfill them.

In a research poll of millions of workers, only one-third reported that they were engaged in the kind of work that they do best. No wonder the cultures of so many organizations are characterized by apathy and mediocrity instead of passion and excellence!

You’ll never achieve great things by simply trying harder.

You will only achieve great things when you serve from your strengths with motivation from your heart. Choosing to work in an occupation that is not in harmony with your gifts and interests is like trying to paddle upstream. You may improve your performance from 10 percent to 30 percent, or even from 60 percent to 75 percent, but you’ll never excel.

And just as tragic, you’ll never feel fulfilled.

If a weakness is really holding you back, you of course should work to develop it. For example, if your deficiency in public speaking is severely curtailing your job performance, you’ll be wise to work on improving that weakness. Of course, that’s assuming you’re in a job that matches your strengths, and public speaking is just one facet of it.

On the other hand, if your profession is public speaking, it’s time to change jobs!

This development process is designed to help you to become fully who you are, not to help you get better at who you are not.

The blunt truth is that you cannot be anything you want to be.
But the good news is that you can be more of who you are.


That path exists for everyone

majority of people never take it

Every day virtually millions of people go to work and perform tasks they consider boring and unfulfilling. They’re miserable and less productive than they could be. They’re not really living; they’re simply going through the motions.


Many lack the courage or desire to change.

Others have allowed circumstances to weigh them down, so they feel victimized and unable to change.

Some have fallen into the trap of conformity, which has destroyed their initiative and suppressed their passion.

And perhaps a few simply don’t know how to begin to change.

Whatever the reason, surprisingly, few travel the rewarding path to success and fulfillment.

one-point perspective photography of building's interior

No doubt you have heard or read about individuals who overcame poverty, physical handicaps, lack of a formal education, and other obstacles to become enormously successful.

Some of these men and women produced remarkable achievements in business, enriching the lives of others and becoming wealthy in the process. Others served the public by attaining significant levels of political influence. And still others earned world-wide respect and admiration for their unselfish service to humanity as doctors, scientists, religious leaders, teachers, and other professionals. The backgrounds of many of these individuals offered no indication that they would succeed.

How did they do it?

They tapped the potential that was within them.

Circumstances Should Not Direct Actions

A journey begins with a single step

Individuals who do not let circumstances direct their actions, thwart their attitudes, or dampen their desires. They did not let others set their goals, and they did not let the world conform them to its image. They developed their God-given gifts and abilities to their fullest potential. They uncovered their passions and pursued them with discipline, perseverance, zeal.

By choosing to enter into a coaching relationship, you will take a giant step toward greater accomplishment and self-fulfillment. You will be making the choice to develop your unique gifts and potential to the maximum extent. You will exhibit courage and desire to pursue your dreams.

Your coach is your strategic partner on your journey toward success.

Along the way, you can expect to gain:

> The inspiration to develop a strong purpose in life
> An Action Plan to map out your goals
> The skills needed to follow your plan to completion
> A clearer understanding of where you are now and where you want to go

Depending on your needs and desires, you may choose to continue your relationship with your coach for a limited time or for the rest of your life. Regardless of the duration, embrace the experience and enjoy the journey.

Although you will acquire valuable new knowledge as a result of coaching, much of what you will experience will not be new to you. You will undoubtedly find yourself addressing issues that you have covered before. You may even be tempted to think, “Been there, done that.”

But you are constantly changing. You are a different person today than you have been at any time in your past. As you participate in the coaching relationship, intentionally choose to look at familiar territory from a fresh perspective. Be prepared to “hear it again for the first time.”

Approach this growth opportunity with an open mind.

Only then will you will realize all of its benefits. The new insights you will gain have the potential to facilitate exceptional growth in your life!

What Would You Like To Know?

About KASHBOX COaching

Our founder, David Herdlinger, creator of the KASHBOX is a pioneering leader in the development and application of this dynamic corporate coaching program. 

  • Kashbox Coaching is headquartered on beautiful Saint Simons Island, just off the southern coast of Georgia, in the United States.

  • We have associates located throughout the country – helping people like you and your employees identify, develop, and realize their potential.

  • We are committed to a common purpose; your success, and are available when you need us and where you need us.

  • We believe it is the most effective means for promoting positive, rapid, and lasting organizational change.

David Herdlinger creator of the Kashbox methodology for executive coaching

We Work For You

Our individual and corporate coaching clients are diverse and span many industries, including but not limited to:

> Hospitals & Medical Facilities
> Pharmaceutical Companies
> Resorts & Hotels
> Insurance Agencies
> Law Firms
> Churches
> Security Companies
> Restaurants
> Retail Sales
> Home Health Care Providers
> Sales Reps
> Health Care Technology Companies

This partial listing will give you a better feel for the types of individual and corporate coaching clients we serve. However, we truly value and respect our clients’ time and privacy, so we’ve elected not to list all of our clients here by name in a public format.

Our development process is applicable to an international corporation, a unit or department, a management team, or a small, privately owned company.

Our goal is to help you achieve your goals. We are committed to helping you and your organization get results. Developing People to Achieve Their Full Potential… That’s What We Do!

Results Speak Louder Than Words

Take a look at some of our client testimonials to read excerpts from actual letters and emails we have received from some of our clients – who’ve given their permission to post their comments.

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Are you ready to discover how we can help you create a more balanced, more purposeful life – and become more of who you already are – on purpose?

Let’s get to know each other a bit, talk about your personal and professional goals and explore how we can help you create and live the life you envision through the individual coaching process. We’ll tell you a bit about how the process works, you can get to know our coaching style and see if we make a “connection”, then we’ll go from there.

It’s on our dime and our time – you’ve got nothing to lose…..and everything to gain!

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P.S. If after reading this page and surfing our site you’re not quite ready to pursue a coaching relationship, that’s perfectly fine! We hope you enjoyed your visit here and came away with a wealth of knowledge about coaching and the coaching process – and we hope you’ll send your friends here to visit, as well.