Leadership Coaching

Can Leadership Coaching Increase the bottom-line?

How much would your bottom-line increase if you and your staff came to work feeling happy, fulfilled, committed, and supported?

Are the efforts of your staff aligned with the vision and direction of your business? With the business community continuously evolving, professionals, managers, and business owners are faced with new issues and challenges that didn’t exist before.

The greatest challenge for most professionals today is maintaining a successful level of performance and productivity in their career AND fulfilling personal life.

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Leadership Coaching

Power, authority and influence are in scare supply for even the most charismatic CEOs, and continuing to devolve.

Fewer People On Staff

Yet, Managers are expected to enhance productivity

Increased global competition is demanding that people move faster and produce greater results in less time.

With long work hours, keeping up with grueling deadlines, and balancing personal responsibilities, it’s difficult to do it all without sacrificing something; namely our health, our personal life or family.

The Role of the Leader

To keep up with the changes in today’s marketplace, effective leaders must continually uncover innovative ways to enhance their organization’s success and increase staff performance. While setting the best direction for the company, leader’s role has expanded to include:

  • Coach

  • Visionary

  • Motivator

  • Strategist

  • Team Builder

Enable Your Leaders to Achieve

Critical to Business Objectives

A leadership coaching program is no longer reserved for problem leaders. Today’s CEOs recognize the importance of enabling leaders to achieve critical business objectives in the shortest possible time, so they are hiring coaches to accelerate the development of their top performers who have management and growth potential.

Working with a coach enables the manager/leader to empower people and maximize their own potential as well as their staffs while creating a learning culture within the workplace of people acting together whose efforts move them towards a shared vision for mutual benefit. You’ll be introduced to the core skills, characteristics, and competencies of the highly effective leaders; providing you with the foundation to accelerate your success not only in your career but in your personal life as well.

Reach Bigger Goals

How to improve performance

Great leaders, athletes, musicians, and entertainers know that the best way to learn how to improve their performance, reach bigger goals, uncover their strengths and talents and work effectively to achieve incredible, long-term success is by working with a coach.

Companies and executives are finding that coaching delivers incredible results, such as an increase in profitability, performance and productivity as well as a decrease in internal conflicts, problems and attrition. Whether you’re a staff of one or one hundred, working with an executive coach provides businesses and individuals a unique competitive advantage that will keep you positioned on top and enable you to become a successful coach and leader.

So if you:

Were never formally trained in the essential management and leadership skills and competencies.
Find yourself spending more time solving problems rather than uncovering new ways to grow your business.
Run into similar problems over and over again even after you though they were resolved.
Never have enough time.
Are working too hard, making personal sacrifices for your business.
Find yourself in survival mode, trying to keep up with all the changes taking place.
Feel overwhelmed and overloaded in your position and are reacting to the situations around you.
Feel stuck in the “do more with less” trap.

After Working With An Executive Coach You’ll Be Able To:

Dramatically increase your performance and productivity.
Maintain your focus on implementation so that you can set and reach bigger, more rewarding goals more quickly and efficiently.
Develop a greater level of awareness that will enable you to anticipate and prevent problems that slow down productivity, cause stress and waste time, money, and energy.
Maximize employee performance by coaching rather than managing your staff so you can build the fire within them and not around them.
Develop and maintain a healthy and enjoyable balance between your personal and professional life.
Become a better manager and lead a high performance, self-motivated team that takes the initiative without having to constantly push.
Reduce employee turnover.
Empower your team to uncover solutions to their own challenges that will cause them to become fully accountable for their own success.
Make better decisions and take more productive actions by becoming more responsive than reactive.
Master the art of effective delegation to eliminate OVER-whelm and create more space for yourself.
Create a fulfilling, enjoyable career and work environment.
Get out of your own way (When the manager is the reason their staff isn’t improving), and cause positive, long-lasting change.

Key Elements

Three Key Elements In The Coaching Relationship

Coaching is three-way partnership between:
1. The organization hiring the coach
2. The executive to be coached
3. The coach

Key Elements

All involved must agree on specific goals and parameters. The organization needs to have a clear purpose for the coaching program. There must be top-level support visible links to business imperatives.

The executive has to be willing to accept the process of coaching, including listening to feedback, examining assumptions and beliefs, and practicing behavioral changes.
The coach must be committed to being candid while fostering a supportive environment. The coach must have a sense of the executive’s world from a personal, business, and social perspective and hold out a mirror to foster behavioral changes. At the same time, the coach must maintain trust and navigate sensitive political issues within the organization.

As in any triangular relationship, the key is defining and clarifying goals, roles, and accountability. Executive coaching is not for everyone. While the results may be difficult to measure directly in dollars, there is no company that can’t benefit from more candor, better communications, and more conscious awareness of how its leaders interact with people to maximize talent and resources.

The Benefits

Hire A Coach

Hire A Coach

Companies should not jump on the coaching bandwagon expecting stellar results simply because other fast track organizations are doing it. In spite of its apparently robust potential, the very act of hiring a coach will not get the results needed unless there is sufficient preparation and planning. Coaching is effective for executives who can say, “I want to get over there, but I’m not sure how to do it.”

Here are some questions to ask in order to enhance the return on investment in a coaching program:

As an organization, are you committed to coaching as a process rather than just an event?
Is the coaches immediate supervisor committed to the coaching process?
What are the types of changes that you hope will result?
Have you established internal measurements to identify when you have achieved success?
Do you have benchmarks on those measures to identify the baseline?
Do you have a control group identified?
Are you using the right period of time (at least 18 to 24 months) to properly achieve the results you are looking for?
Have you considered indirect measures such as employee satisfaction or turnover?
Are you measuring the coach on the results that the coach achieves or the time that the coach spends?
Have you ensured that one of the measurements is perceived improvement, as viewed by those who work with the coachee on a frequent basis?
Based on everything that you know about the coachee, is there a reasonable probability that the coachee will change?

Kashbox Coaching

invest in emerging leaders

Kashbox Coaching

Hewitt Associates has conducted some interesting research that documents the positive, long-term relationship between investment in leadership development and continuing financial success. Its research demonstrates that companies that invest in emerging leaders tend to enjoy greater long-term profits.

Forty-seven percent of companies rated for strong leadership regularly assign coaches to their executives.

They know leadership coaching provides a powerful way to boost performance and strengthen leadership. Regular use of leadership coaching separates top compnies from the mediocre ones.

Good enough just does not work any longer in today’s business world.

We can help you excel way past average! Kashbox Coaching, led by David Herdlinger, can help you and your organization become more focused, motivated, and successful. To get more out of today – and your tomorrow- contact Kashbox Coaching today.

What Would You Like To Know?

About KASHBOX COaching

Our founder, David Herdlinger, creator of the KASHBOX is a pioneering leader in the development and application of this dynamic corporate coaching program. 

  • Kashbox Coaching is headquartered on beautiful Saint Simons Island, just off the southern coast of Georgia, in the United States.

  • We have associates located throughout the country – helping people like you and your employees identify, develop, and realize their potential.

  • We are committed to a common purpose; your success, and are available when you need us and where you need us.

  • We believe it is the most effective means for promoting positive, rapid, and lasting organizational change.

David Herdlinger creator of the Kashbox methodology for executive coaching

We Work For You

Our individual and corporate coaching clients are diverse and span many industries, including but not limited to:

> Hospitals & Medical Facilities
> Pharmaceutical Companies
> Resorts & Hotels
> Insurance Agencies
> Law Firms
> Churches
> Security Companies
> Restaurants
> Retail Sales
> Home Health Care Providers
> Sales Reps
> Health Care Technology Companies

This partial listing will give you a better feel for the types of individual and corporate coaching clients we serve. However, we truly value and respect our clients’ time and privacy, so we’ve elected not to list all of our clients here by name in a public format.

Our development process is applicable to an international corporation, a unit or department, a management team, or a small, privately owned company.

Our goal is to help you achieve your goals. We are committed to helping you and your organization get results. Developing People to Achieve Their Full Potential… That’s What We Do!

Results Speak Louder Than Words

Take a look at some of our client testimonials to read excerpts from actual letters and emails we have received from some of our clients – who’ve given their permission to post their comments.

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