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Coaching is a one-on-one consulting relationship between you and a qualified coach. In essence, you and your coach become partners who are both intent on helping you achieve your desired results.

Your coach will help you focus on what you want to achieve in various areas of your life and help you develop and implement an action plan to achieve your full potential. Individual coaching often begins with a focus on business or career achievement and overlaps into other areas of life because our lives generally can’t be separated into neat little categories.

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Ins & Outs

Your dreams and desires will no doubt impact several areas of your life – career, finances, personal life, and health, for instance.

In-Person or By Phone

proximity and your personal preferences

Coaching is generally done via in-person meetings or via telephone calls and discussions. Both techniques are beneficial to clients, and how your individual coaching is conducted will often depend on your physical proximity to your coach and your personal preferences. Meetings or telephone calls are scheduled in advance on a regular basis at intervals you and your coach determine will best meet your needs and your budget.

  • During your time with your coach, you’ll focus specifically on what’s going on in your life – and what you want to see happening in your life.

  • Together, you’ll create a plan to make those things happen.

  • A qualified coach performs several vital roles that are instrumental to your success.

  • A coach is only successful when you succeed!

  • Helping you succeed is your coach’s ultimate goal!

What Is A Coach?

A qualified coach will:

Listen to you
Help you identify and prioritize your personal values and priorities
Help you identity and articulate your dreams for your life
Help you set long-term and short-term goals to help you work toward the fulfillment of your dreams
Help identify your personal motivators
Help you identify and remove potential obstacles or barriers to your success
Help you try new things and master new skills
Provide you with new ideas and resources you’ve never considered
Brainstorm with you
Identify resources you can utilize
Mentor you
Encourage and support you
Hold you accountable for your actions (or lack of actions)
Provide you with valuable feedback you can use
Help you measure your progress
Celebrate your successes with you!

Hiring a coach is a long-term commitment to yourself.

Your coach will be there to help you identify what is truly important to you and develop a plan to achieve that.

Your coach will be standing on the sidelines encouraging and supporting you as you take the actions necessary to achieve the goals that lead to your dreams.

Your coach will be there at the finish line to congratulate you and help you gear up for the next race.

Unlike reading books and attending seminars

Coaching is an ongoing process, and it’s very interactive.

Individual coaching essentially becomes a relationship – a supportive, mentoring relationship to help you achieve your potential.

A truly great coach will tell you how to do something, show you how to do something (if necessary), and then cheer you on while you do it!

A coach will be a safe sounding board and a confidential advisor. Your coach will be your number one fan, but also your biggest challenger – stretching you to achieve more than you could have achieved on your own.

But remember, a coach is not a crutch.

What A Coach Is Not

A coach is a professional consultant who always keeps your best interest as his/her highest priority.

As a professional, your coach will maintain a focus on you and help you to achieve what you desire in your life. YOU are the coach’s primary focus.

YOU are the coach’s primary focus.

A good coach will brainstorm with you, let you sound off when necessary, and maintain your confidentiality.

A good coach will guide, support, and mentor you to develop the skills, attitudes, and motivations you need to realize your goals and live the life you always imagined.

A Coach is NOT:

A Potential Romantic Interest.
The head and the heart frequently pull people in two different directions. A professional coach will never become personally involved with a client because it will impair the critical element of objectivity.

Your Best Friend.
Friends are great, but friends also frequently have two very different agendas. A professional coach will always keep your agenda firmly in mind. A coach may tell you things your friends never would – things that are sometimes difficult to hear from our friends – but are critical for your continuing development. Above all, a coach will always have your best interests at heart.

Your Therapist.
Occasionally, you’ll share information with your coach about the things going on in your life. But a professional coach isn’t trained or equipped to deal with relationship issues, analyze your past, or deal with issues like depression. A coach isn’t a therapist or psychologist.

A Crutch.
While your coach will support and encourage you, a professional coach will not allow you to become dependent on him/her. A coach is there to help you, but not to do it for you.

Who Needs A Coach?

focused on development

Desires Greatest potential

The ideal coaching client is focused on develop himself or herself to their highest potential and has already taken several steps to do just that.

Now he or she wants to take life to the next level to achieve even more success. Working with a coach provides the client with tools, drive, and stimulation required to do just that.

By working with a coach, he or she can achieve far more toward her personal and professional goals than he or she could have achieved alone.

Most coaching clients are pretty secure in who they are, but they want more – or they want something better, faster, or easier – with more effective results.

one-point perspective photography of building's interior

From students to CEO’s and anyone in between

More and more people are realizing the benefits of coaching and experiencing accelerated success in every area of their life.

If you can relate to one or more of the following statements

you should definitely consider working with a coach:

I want to give myself that extra “edge” to achieve even more than I already have!
Changes are coming fast and furious. I don’t know how to handle it all.
I just changed positions. It’s a promotion, but now I’m not so sure what made me successful in my old job will help me succeed in this job. I need to develop some new skills and dynamics to succeed in this new role.
I’ve been making lots of progress, but now I’ve just sort of reached a plateau, and I can’t seem to move beyond it.
I have so much going on in my life that I don’t know how to manage it all!
I’m starting a brand new venture and could really use someone to bounce ideas around with.
I’ve reached a point in my life/career where I just feel stuck. Where do I go from here?
I used to think this was all I ever wanted out of life, but it’s just not enough.
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Reasons why leaders choose Executive Coaching


Top leaders proactively seek the resources available to them to make them more successful. As demands in the business environments accelerate, leaders are looking for an edge – a way to stay ahead of the game and to remain at the highest level of performance and fulfillment. Executive Coaching is being used by leaders from Fortune 500 companies to provide that added edge.

Reasons leaders choose Executive Coaching

What made me successful so far won’t get me to the next level
I’ve embraced success, so what’s next…I need a push to raise the bar
The pace of demands and changes is wearing me down
I need to more effectively navigate a changed political landscape
My confidence is not where I need it to be, I want to get back to the top of my game
I need to orchestrate a mange change in my company
My leadership role is less clear and is overextending me
I need more balance between work and life


Why Companies Choose to Invest In Coaching as Part of an Overall Developmental Approach


If you are a Professional in the Leadership Development field, you know that you can invest a lot to produce quality programs, but you may still fall short of the final result you are looking for—evidenced change in behavior.

1. Even the best Leadership Programs result in just 20% of follow-on participants achieving their goals over time. Coaching gets it to 80% or more. Participants reach new levels of understanding and awareness in programs, but get stuck on the how-to’s of applying insights to their own real-time issues. Coaching partners with a leader to continually apply insights to real-time and real-world issues over a period of four to six months. Coaching greatly increases commitment, follow-through, and long-term application to leading to real changes in behavior use Coaching alone or have it immediately follow a Leadership classroom program.

2. For Senior Leaders or others that need development, a 3-5 day leadership program may not be the answer. Coaching works well where ongoing quick, and effective support is needed at intervals, as support for important new hires, to navigate through sticky relationship issues, when maneuvering through a tough political landscape is crucial, for the development of high potentials.

3. To increase retention of high level executives and high potential leaders. Coaching provides an added edge to these critical resources. Companies report higher ratings on evaluations of performance and faster promotion rates among those coached. In almost all cases, coaching focuses career progression issues and helps a leader to develop long-range strategies and day-to-day tactics for success. Coaching also often deals with boss relationships which are critical to retention.

4. A team workshop gets a team off to a good start, but the team leader, and often team members, need more support when real challenges confront the team in the weeks and months after the workshop. Coaching can supplement team development and keep it going. Complete teams or critical team members can be coached for greater synergy.

Why Hire A Coach

Today coaching clients come from all walks of life

The reasons for hiring a coach are as numerous as the clients who hire them

Most common reasons clients seek the expert assistance of a coach:
To change their life in a positive, meaningful way
To develop a more fulfilling, more purposeful life
To help them set better, more effective goals
To keep them focused on and toward their desired outcomes (keeps them from getting sidetracked)
To change them to stretch themselves further
To raise the bar and continue accelerating their success
To access the additional tools, resources, ideas, and brainstorming to maximize their effectiveness
To incorporate a structured, guided approach to goal achievement into their lives
To help them define what success really means to them and identify what they want out of life
To reach a particular goal or complete a specific project
To become more of their authentic selves and reorient their lives to be more meaningful and fulfilling
To receive open, direct, honest feedback that is objective and constructive
To identify and maximize strengths and minimize weakness
To achieve more balance between work/career and the rest of their life
To develop a support system of guidance and encouragement; to have a mentor
To help them identify new skills and attitudes required for success and to learn those skills and develop those attitudes
To cope with rapid change

Benefits of Coaching

Most Notable Benefits

A greater sense of fulfillment and purpose in life
Greater feelings of joy and happiness
Improved relationships – both at home and at work
Increased self-awareness
Positive self-esteem and high levels of self-confidence
Achievement of short-term and long-term goals
Better balance in all areas of your life – financial, spiritual, relationships, career, and health
Greater influence with others
Accelerated progress toward your goals and life dreams
Clarity in your life – you personal and professional goals become more clear
Improved performance and increased effectiveness
More energy
Networking leads and resources
Measurable progress towards objectives
Challenge and support – the extra “push” when you need it
The ability to successfully navigate change
Continued personal and professional development

While all forms of self-development and improvement are advantageous, individual coaching is more effective than books, seminars, and improvement programs because it integrates teaching and insights into your life on a daily basis.

You apply the concepts and ideas you leave and discuss each day.

You practice new skills and attitudes, get immediate feedback from an objective coach, and continue the ongoing process of change and development.

up to 80% more effective than books, tapes, and seminars

Rather than starting and stopping (like when you read self-improvement books) or trying to cram all of your self-improvement into one small timeframe (outside the “norm” of your life – like when you attend a seminar), the benefits of individual coaching become an integral part of your life – the life you envisioned – as your dreams begin to become reality.

Your self-esteem and confidence beings to soar as you begin to realize more of your potential than you ever thought possible!

Coaching helps you achieve real, lasting change in your life. It’s up to 80% more effective than books, tapes, and seminars over the long term. And after all, life is long-term.

We’ve got to start looking at the big picture and focusing on what is really important!

What Can I Expect From My Coach?

You can expect open, honest, direct feedback from your coach – delivered in a sensitive, constructive manner.

You can expect ideas, suggestions, guidance, and choices – all designed to help you focus on the areas you’re interested in changing or developing in your life.

You can expect that your coach will keep your best interests in the forefront of their mind at all times – because your success is their success and their goal is to help you become even more successful than you are.

A Mutual Commitment

Working with a coach is a mutual commitment – you are committed to developing yourself to achieve more of your potential – and the coach is committed to helping you achieve your goals, dreams, and objectives in every way possible.

Your problems can become your coach’s challenges – and your coach delights in meeting a challenge.

Your coach will actively listen to your thoughts and concerns and help you identify the core issues that are important to you.

Together, you will create a plan of action steps you can take to achieve goals, solve problems, and realize your dreams. As you begin to integrate these action steps into your life, your coach will follow your progress, help you when you experience setbacks, and brainstorm with you to develop solutions to problems.

Your coach will be there with you as you take actions to put your plan into effect, to help you make any necessary modifications, to encourage and support you, and to celebrate your successes along the way!

Your coach will help you look at the big picture to help you achieve total life satisfaction and develop yourself to your true potential. They will help you achieve a balance that is stratifying and fulfilling.

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