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Our coach, Hannah Kay Herdlinger, will cover the importance of attitudes in and out of the workplace and how their impact helps obtain desired results.

It can be delivered via keynote presentation, breakout session, or both, covering the most critical behaviors for efficient and effective leadership.

The content will demonstrate the importance of attitudes that drive and control the positive behaviors desired in influential leadership.

Hannah Kay, a powerful and dynamic, speaker

Leadership is not defined solely by titles or positions; it’s a profound responsibility.

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Rock The Kashbox

Critical Behaviors of Effective Leaders

K-A-S-H: Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes, Habits

Most organizations and individuals spend lots of time and money developing the success factors on the left side of the box (knowledge and skills). But if they ignore the key factors on the right side (attitude and habits), they don’t get the payoff they desire.

Spark Your Squad:

10.5 Ways to Motivate Your Employees

When good people leave, your organization loses.

“I Quit!” How many times have you heard that phrase at your workplace?

Employee motivation is a critical aspect at the workplace, which leads to the performance of the organization, because our motivations drive our behavior.

Kashbox Coaching

Hannah Kay Herdlinger

Keynote Speaker & Breakout Sessions with Kashbox Coach

Kashbox Coaching

Hannah Kay Herdlinger has been a certified coach for more than 15 years. She has been living her passion throughout her life, connecting with, and helping others. Her career has taken her across many industries, starting with serving in the U.S. Senate for Sen. Mark Pryor.

Hannah Kay was then recruited to join Facebook as a founding member of the Washington, D.C. political office. Around this time, Hannah Kay connected with Sheryl Sandburg during the writing and publication of Sheryl’s book, “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead.” This connection provided international exposure to the non-profit Lean In, where Hannah Kay served as head of operations and helped empower all women to achieve their ambitions.

She then connected with Arianna Huffington and helped her launch the New York City – based Thrive Global, a company that provides behavior change technology.

Hannah Kay was born with the purpose of living her life to connect with others. Her passion to help others build confidence in themselves is her greatest personal reward stemming from her coaching profession.