Hospital Coaching Program

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Hospitals, like other businesses, can fall ill. In 2001, the Southeast Georgia Health System was on the critical list. It was bleeding dollars from losses of $13 million per year. This is where Kashbox Coaching and our hospital coach program came into the story.

In order to help sustain and expand this dramatic turnaround, Gary Colberg, the health system’s new CEO, brought David Herdlinger on board in the summer of 2004 as the organization’s coach. Colberg didn’t just want to shore up the low performers; his goal was to strengthen managers at all levels. So he asked Herdlinger to coach his entire leadership team – all of the vice presidents, directors, and managers – totaling approximately 85 individuals.

Hospital leadership coaching is perhaps the most exciting frontier in the dynamic field of coaching. The details on how it works and why it is such an effective technique for increasing organizational success, can be found online here.

Medical professionals long ago recognized that providing personal, supportive care to patients accelerates the healing process. More recently, many business professionals have made an equally exciting discovery: personal support for managers promotes the health of organizations. And the most effective method of providing individual support to organizational managers is through coaching.

To learn more about hospital leadership coaching, we encourage you to read Healing a Hospital, available at

If you are a medical professional and your organization is floundering (or worse), hospital leadership coaching might be the solution you have been seeking. Contact Kashbox Coaching to learn more and get your organization on the road to recovery!