Executive Coaching

“Accountability should be the strongest thread that runs through the complex fabric of any organization.”

We believe executive coaching is the most effective means for promoting positive, rapid, and lasting organizational change. Certainly it is one of the most significant management innovations of the past fifty years!

Executive coaching is the synergistic fusion of individual coaching and management training applied to an entire organizational team.

Kashbox Coaching, led by Joan Walsh and David Herdlinger, is a pioneering leader in the development and application of this dynamic, new management tool.

Because on-going executive coaching support is provided to all members of the management team, the entire organization increasingly shares the same vision, mission, strategy and values. The result: Dramatic improvements in communication, commitment, teamwork and accomplishment.

Executive coaching promotes significant, lasting change because it transforms attitudes and habits, in addition to teaching new knowledge and skills. We design the most effective management coach program to meet your specific needs.

The executive coaching process utilizes both group training and private coaching sessions. Face-to-face coaching is supplemented by telephone and e-mail contact. Executive coaching addresses organizations as holistic, networked systems rather than as collections of discrete “silos.”

Learn more about how executive coaching helped healed a hospital using hospital leadership coaching.

If you are seeking positive and lasting change in your organization, it starts with YOU! Executive coaching is what you need to kick-start both your professional life and your organization. Contact us today and let us show you how coaching really can make a difference.