Welcome to Kashbox Coaching

If you’re less successful and profitable than you could and should be, the answer is YES! In today’s highly competitive business environment, excellence is not just an option – it’s mission critical. Good is no longer good enough. You know it, and we know it. That’s where Kashbox Coaching, led by Joan Walsh and David Herdlinger, comes in. We’re ready to help you and your organization become more focused, motivated, innovative, and successful than you ever dreamed possible! How Are We Different from Our Competition? We’re Glad You Asked!

  • We offer an arsenal of capabilities, a diversity of coaching talent, and a team approach to coaching that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • We are a world leader in the development and application of the dynamic new organizational development methodology known as corporate coaching.
  • We design the most effective corporate coaching program to meet your specific needs. You won’t get any “one size fits all” or “cookie cutter” solutions from us!
  • We recognize that your business is a networked system, not a collection of disjointed functions. Our holistic approach will strengthen teamwork, communication, and productivity throughout your organization.
  • We will fill your whole Kashbox.