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Why Even Top-Notch Executives Fail

10.5 Reasons Why Even Top-Notch Executives Fail - And How To Make Sure It Doesn't Happen To You - A book by David Herdlinger

By David Herdlinger

In a quick read for busy executives, this book describes the failures that trip up even top-notch leaders. Increase your success through an awareness and understanding of the 10.5 pitfalls to avoid.


Healing A Hospital: The Turnaround at Southeast Georgia Health System - A book by David HerdlingerBy David Herdlinger

Hospitals, like other businesses, can get sick. In 2001, the Southeast Georgia Health System was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. It was losing more than $13 million per year. Just twelve months later, the hospital emerged from intensive care earning annual profits of over $11 million! What was behind this amazing $24 million turnaround? Healing a Hospital describes the thrilling and informative account of how strong healthcare leadership and sound management enabled Southeast Georgia Health Systems to recover from the critical list to become the best large hospital in the state of Georgia!

Healing a Hospital is for you if …

  • You’re a business executive who wants to learn how to apply effective leadership principles and practical management techniques to make any business highly successful.
  • You’re a healthcare professional who wants to be informed and encouraged by the exciting story of one hospital’s astounding recovery and benefit from learning some of the healthcare leadership principles behind the miracle.
  • You’re a community leader who seeks guidance and motivation for improving the quality of healthcare leadership in your region.

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Strategies for Accelerating Your Success

Ready Set Plan Go! Strategies to Accelerate Your Success - A book by Joan WalshBy Joan Walsh

Ready, Set, Plan, Go! describes solid, effective strategies for bringing more focus, balance, and accomplishment to YOUR life. She has helped hundreds of professionals – from entrepreneurs to executives of large corporations – accelerate their success and experience deeper fulfillment than they ever before imagined. She can do the same for you!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Assess where you are and where you want to go.
  • Uncover your passion.
  • Chart your course.
  • Live a goal-oriented, exciting, and fulfilling life in pursuit of your dreams.

Stories from the lives of clients will inform and inspire you. The exercies and resources she includes in the book will get you going and keep you going. Be prepared for a life-changing experience! You’re a community leader who seeks guidance and motivation for improving the quality of healthcare leadership in your region.

  • Getting less traction and success than you want in your professional and personal life?
  • Tired of being pulled in different directions?

This book offers practical strategies that will get you and your organization moving in the right direction!

Are you:

  • Putting out lots of effort for little return?
  • Pulled in a dozen directions?
  • Stuck in important areas of your life – personally or professionally?

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10.5 Reasons To Hire One

Coach: 10.5 Reasons To Hire One - A book by Joan Walsh and David Herdlinger By Joan Walsh and David Herdlinger

In this informative book for busy executives, two leading authorities on coaching describe the coaching process and give you the information you need to determine whether it’s right for you and/or your organization. Coaching is one of the most talked-about resources in management today. Mounting evidence indicates that individuals and organizations are more productive and successful when they have a coach in their corner. But…

  • What is coaching?
  • How does it work?
  • What are the benefits?
  • Is it right for you?
  • Is it right for your organization?

This is a book you should read if you’re 

  • A CEO, owner, or executive who wants to improve the leadership performance of your organization.
  • A professional who wants to be more successful in your field.
  • An individual who wants to live a more productive, balanced, and fulfilled life.

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A Guide for Women on the Way Up

Blazing Your Own Trail: A Guide for Women on the Way Up - A book by Joan WalshBy Joan Walsh

Concrete, encouraging guidance to professional women about how to overcome the challenges that confront them and achieve extraordinary success.

Professional women face unique challenges. In Blazing Your Own Trail, business coach and consultant Joan Walsh offers concrete, encouraging guidance about how to overcome these challenges and achieve extraordinary success.

She augments her considerable personal knowledge with insights gleaned from in-depth interviews with three highly successful, trail-blazing female executives, and from the real-life experiences of clients she has supported. This book is for you if you’re…

  • A woman who aspires to a more successful career and a more fulfilling life.
  • A man who wants to know how to better encourage and support professional women as boss, mentor, colleague, coach, husband, or friend.

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