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Our articles are meant to inspire and educate everyone from corporate titans to stay-at-home parents wishing to boost their productivity and cerebral prowess on a day-to-day basis.

5 Biases That Lead to Bad Decisions

A growing body of research reveals that our behavior and decisions are influenced by an array of strong psychological undercurrents, all of which are more powerful and pervasive than we realize.
Like streams, they converge to become even more powerful.

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Coaching Leaders for Change

How do you convince leaders to change? How can you optimize their talents and potential? Which best practices in executive coaching programs produce lasting results that drive business performance?
Executive coaching offers a tremendous opportunity to leverage leadership talent and resources, both of which can steer an organization toward sustainable success.

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Corporate Coaching Heals A Hospital

Hospitals, like other businesses, can get sick. In 2001, the Southeast Georgia Health System was on the critical list. It was bleeding to death from losses of $13 million per year.

Just 12 months later, under new management, the “patient” emerged from intensive care earning profits at the rate of $11 million annually. The miraculous recovery continued, and in 2004 this 356-bed medical system was designated the best large hospital in the state of Georgia.
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How to Be Happier

Why are some people happy, and others not?? Is happiness associated with a better life, greater luck or fewer worries and upsets?? Is it a question of character?

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